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Movement and Mobility Trainer Course at TNT

On August 9th and 10th we will host a movement and mobility seminar which is one of CrossFits specialty courses. It is a one day seminar that goes from 9am to 5pm. Sign up before the spots fill up! Learn How To: Prevent and rehabilitate common athletic injuries Overhaul your movement habits and efficiently your body’s most effective physiology Quickly identify, diagnose, and fix inefficient movement patterns Problem solve for pain and dysfunction Fix poor mechanics that rob power, bleed force, and dump torque Unlock reservoirs of athletic capacity you didn’t know you had Identify and fix poor movement patterns in children Develop strategies that restore function to your joints and tissues Develop effective individual and group mobility programming      

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  SKILLE :30COMPLETE: 1 Squat Clean *2 reps at same weight before moving up WODTABATA Push UpsREST 1 MINUTETABATADouble Unders SCALEDSquat Stand Push Ups Post results to comments (include scaling notes).  

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  SKILL10 MINUTES EMOM12 Wall Balls #30/20 WOD5 RFT12 SDHP10 Bar Facing Burpees RX115/75 INT105/55 SCALED95/35   Post results to comments (include scaling notes).  

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Giveback Throwdown – Aug 2nd

TNT has been invited to participate in the Giveback Throwdown which is a team competition that will be held at CrossFit Saint Louis on August 2nd. We got the invitation by collecting shoes for the Shoeman Water Project. Each team consists of 2 males and 2 females. 3 WODs will be completed during the competition. We can send one Rx team and one scaled team.   -”To add to the day filled with sweat & friendly competition, we have an awesome dj to keep the beats bumpin’ and the energy high, a VIP lounge for all competing athletes (including healthy bites from FitFuel and HotPot, foam rolling action, a massage therapist & more!), ChaChaChow food truck & Kim Winn & Julie Funke leading two drop-in yoga sessions between WODS to really stretch it out.  You and your box won’t want to miss it!” (Lululemon Athletica) Please note that this is the same day as our winery trip! If you are interested in competing please write in the comment section. TNT will register the team once the teams have been established.  

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  “NANCY”5 RFT400 Meter Run15 OHS RX95/65 INT80/50 SCALED65/35 Post results to comments (include scaling notes).

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from the JP team on the  board in Maui, Hawaii (USA). Photo:

Stand Up Paddleboarding

This is for all TNT athletes and B4C athletes who are registered to compete. Micah Willis who is a SUP instructor is kind enough to offer all of us lessons prior to the event. All boards used during practice are the same ones that will be used for the Battle for Courage. Contact- Micah Willis 636-699-9484. Call or text These are the dates that are available for paddle boarding. Sunday, July 20thSunday, July 27thSunday, August 3rdSunday August 10thSunday, August 17thSunday, August 24thLimit 6 per group$35 ($10 off if registered for the Battle For Courage, including any donations) Intro to PaddleFit (everyone must take prior to PaddleFit classes)Intro class- 1 1/2 hours8:00am9:30am12:00pm1:30pm$25 ($10 off if registered for the Battle For Courage, including any donations) Classes- 1 hour Start on July 20th12:00pm1:00pm2:00pm** Disclaimer- Groupon or Living Social Paddle boarding is excluded from these classes. 

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  FOR TIMEFILTHY 50 50 of each Box Jumps Jumping Pull Ups KBSWalking Lunges KTEPush Presses Back Extensions Wall Balls Burpees Double Under RX24/20 55/35 45/35 INT20/16 45/30 ½ kte ½ kte att40/25 superman up/down ½ double unders ½ attempts SCALED16 or lower 35/25 ½ kte attempts ½ sit ups 35/15 superman up/down 10 attempts/ finish singles   Post results to comments (include scaling notes).

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