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  WOD20 MINUTES to FIND:1 Rep MAX SQUAT SNATCH Post results to comments (include scaling notes).

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       What comes to mind when I think of Athlete of the Month? Someone who is super strong, fast, someone who competes and just performs on a top-notch level at all times. When Rochelle told me I was going to be AOM for November, I was in shock! I didn’t think I would ever hear those words. It got me re-evaluating what an Athlete of the Month means in my mind. You don’t have to be the best to be successful in what you do. I’m not crazy strong, or super fast. I don’t consider myself an “athlete” BUT, I will say that I push myself, and I have become smarter, healthier, and stronger in my athletic abilities compared to what I used to be before walking into TNT.      Background story short; I grew up playing soccer, my second year of high school I didn’t continue, and that would be the end of my physical activity. Then there was college where staying up late, drinking, and eating lots of fast food became a habit. This caused a couple increases in pant sizes so when I was 22ish; I started to gain a more serious interest in nutrition. At this point I was thinking anything low-fat was the trick and I didn’t even read ingredient labels on anything. I eventually was introduced to this thing called the paleo diet, so I researched and experimented with that a little bit. I didn’t really follow it completely though, and I was still only doing my elliptical routine at the gym. I was the walking example of the term “skinny fat”.      I was actually first introduced to TNT in 2010 when my aunt Pat was working out there. I came in to see about working the front desk. Well, I didn’t end up doing that and a couple years passed. During these years I would see Rochelle at my work and she would say when are you coming to try CrossFit? My response was always, I’m scared! Then my aunt Toni was working out there and she would tell me to just come try it too. She was looking great so I was like okay I need to try this since my workouts on the elliptical and a few arm machines that I attempted to use were getting me absolutely no changes. I was also looking for a positive hobby so I could look forward to something instead of just going to work every day or going to bars at night.      A friend at work, Torrie, had also heard about CrossFit from a friend of hers so we decided to go do the free class at TNT together as a support system. At the end of foundations we had to complete the baseline WOD, and by the end of the short workout I was so winded I thought my mouth was bleeding because of the taste I had in my mouth. Nope, no blood, this was[...]

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Don’t forget to wear your costumes! SKILMAX TIME:Hang time on bar WOD20 MINUTES to FIND:1 Rep MAX OVERHEAD SQUAT   Post results to comments (include scaling notes).

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Are you ready for the nutrition challenge? How about the upcoming 2015 year? Join us on Thursday, November 6th from 7:15-8:15pm for a FREE Vision and Goals Setting event with Lululemon Plaza Frontenac! For those who attended the Vision and Goals Setting event on March 13, this will be a great opportunity to talk about the vision you have for yourself in 10 years, the goals you set, and share what you’re doing to achieve those goals. Interested in writing your own vision and goals? Join us! We’ll coach you on how to dream big and set yourself up to crush those goals!

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  SKILLMAX TIME:handstand hold against wall WOD20 MINUTES to FIND:1 Rep MAX Bench Press   Post results to comments (include scaling notes).

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Oscar’s Training Articles

What is fitness? One of our definitions of fitness in CrossFit is about being balanced in all three metabolic pathways. We have 3 different metabolic pathways that provide our bodies with energy. These mechanisms are more and less active at different times depending on the duration and or intensity of the activity. The pathways are the phosphagen pathway, the glycolytic pathway, and the oxidative pathway. They are all the dominant producer of energy (ATP=adenosine triphosphate) at different times depending on what the task is at hand. For very short bursts of energy the phosphagen pathway is main supplier of energy. It can support a very high power output for a short period of time without using oxygen. Some examples of athletes that excel in this pathway are baseball players, football players, sprinters, throwers and etc. In CrossFit we tap into this system by doing lower repetitions at higher weights and sprints. For example shorter sprints, heavy deadlifts, squats, snatches, clean&jerks, and etc. Athletes who lack capacity in this pathway is usually long distance runners, tri-athletes, and etc. The glycolytic pathway supports energy for moderately high power activities that last several minutes. It can produce energy both anaerobically and aerobically. Athletes that thrive in this pathway are usually field sport athletes, fighters, mid-distance sprinters, and etc. This pathway is dominant in CrossFit WODs like “Diane”, “Karen”, “Grace”, “Isabel”, “Helen”, “Fran” and etc. The third and last metabolic pathway is the oxidative pathway. This system provides energy for lower intensity activities over a longer period of time. Athletes with well-developed oxidative pathways are long distance runners, tri-athletes, cross country skiers, and etc. We develop this system in CrossFit through longer rows, runs, “Murph”, “Cindy”, “Mary”, and most hero WODs (20+min). Many athletes focus on one thing only and become specialists in their pathway. A power lifter that can squat 800lbs has exceled in the phosphagen system. A sub 2.5H marathon runner has an excellent oxidative capacity. Both of these athletes can do some extraordinary things, however, they have both severely compromised their fitness by becoming a specialist in their pathway. The powerlifter might be strong but if he cannot run 800m without getting into cardiac arrest then he is not fit. The marathon runner will fly through 800m of running but when he is faced with a heavy barbell he will fail. Our goal is to become as well rounded as possible in all pathways. We want to be able to lift heavy, run for long periods of time and crush “Fran”. These system are always working together, no one system ever turns off completely, one is just more dominant than the other. Which is how lifting heavy can improve your running and conditioning can improve your lifting. Now you might be wondering, -“How do I improve my capacity in these pathways?” That’s simple. Come to TNT and be ready to work hard. The programming methodically rotates these pathways. “CrossFit is about constantly varied training, but that doesn’t mean the training is[...]

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Heroes for Haiti WODs

On Sundays at 4pm for the next four weeks, we will be completing the Heroes for Haiti WODs!  This fundraiser competition benefits schools in Haiti. It is held similarly to the Crossfit Open workouts, with online submission of your scores.   More information can be found here:  If you would like to sign up, registration is online at the website listed.  The fee is $25.  If you would just like to come out and participate in the WODs that is fine too!  See you Sunday!

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