Crossfit-TNT | St. Charles, MO

Todays WOD



Today’s rehab will be one of the regional events for the master’s division. Our very own, Patti York, has proven her fitness in the 2014 CrossFit Open and is now moving on to the next level. Patti will need to complete a series of four different workouts, all are which are going to be very tough. She completed one of the four workouts Friday, which consisted of a 1 rep max clean, and hit a #20 PR! Please come and support Patti , lets encourage and push her to finish these workouts in a  energetic and positive atmosphere. Great job Patti, we are ALL VERY PROUD OF YOU! WOD 50 Calorie Row 15 Handstand Push Ups 50 Double Unders Post results to comments (include scaling notes).  

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